Thursday Forecast

Good Thursday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on VIPIR 7 Doppler Radar with clear skies overhead.
We are downright cold this morning, running about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday, and cooler than average.

Temperatures will start out the morning drive in the 30s inland, and low 40s on the coast. Be sure to dress warm out the door this morning. Keep those jackets handy today as well. We'll have northwesterly winds drawing in on cooler and dry air from the north. Highs today will be fairly similar to what we saw yesterday in the low 60s.

High pressure sits just to our west today, and clockwise flow around that high continues to draw in the cooler air with a north wind over our area. But it is moving east, and as it does so we'll see our winds back off tonight leading toward another frigid start tomorrow. Temperatures are likely to return to the 30s inland, but they may even reach the 30s on the coast. We could see some patchy frost inland, or north of the bays, so be sure to protect any sensitive vegetation tonight.

As the high pushes further east, our flow will return to the south, but not until late in the day tomorrow. We'll be seasonally chilly on Friday with highs remaining in the 60s.

Southerly winds will pick up then into the weekend and that will spell a rebound in temperatures and moisture. But it will also help feed another approaching frontal system which will bring us our next rain chance Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant sunshine with some upper level clouds in the southern sky. Highs today will reach the seasonally cool low 60s. Your VIPIR 7 Day Forecast will keep the chill around for another day tomorrow, before a rebound arrives this weekend with our next rain chance mainly for Sunday morning.