Thursday Forecast

Good Thursday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on radar despite a few clouds cruising our skies and some dense fog or low level clouds thickening up early on. We won't have to worry much about the fog or low level clouds past 9 or 10am as they'll start to disperse.

It's another mild morning with most of us in the upper 50s. Those who tend to get cold easy may want a light jacket to start the day. However, with more sunshine opening up later this morning and into the afternoon, we'll have another warm one on our hands. Highs this afternoon will once again push the upper 70s inland, with low 70s around the bays, and upper 60s for the beaches.

Warm southerly winds still dominate our pattern with high pressure to our east in the Western Atlantic. The clockwise winds around that high push in the southerly warmth, and the sinking motion in the atmosphere helps to decrease our morning clouds and bring on more sunshine.

This pattern finally comes to an end tonight and into tomorrow morning as a cold front moves into the Southeast. It will be a weak front, however, as it's parent trough in the upper levels of the atmosphere will shallow out before providing enough dynamics to get substantial lift for rain. So we'll only look at seeing a brief morning shower on Friday.

There will be some cooler air behind this front. But as the upper level trough and jet stream fail to sink south of NWFL, it'll likely just be a return to a more seasonal feel Friday and into the weekend. We can expect temperatures to only reach the mid 60s tomorrow with 40s in the mornings for Saturday and Sunday and the seasonal 60s in the afternoons.

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly cloudy skies in the morning give way to mainly sunny skies. Highs today reach the upper 60s on the beaches, to low 70s around the bays, and even upper 70s once again inland. Your 7 Day Forecast breaks up this warmer pattern as we head into Friday and the weekend, with only a brief shower possible tomorrow morning.