Tuesday Forecast

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on radar with clear skies overhead this morning. We'll get to see a lot of sunshine today, and over the next several days for that matter!

Temperatures have turned chilly behind the cold front that finally shifted off to the southeast. Most are waking up in the 40s with a light wind chill taking only a handful of degrees off the thermometer. We'll need to dress warmly out the door this morning, and those susceptible to feeling chilly will want to keep the warm gear handy today. Temperatures under abundant sunshine will struggle to reach the 60s this afternoon as cold air is being pumped down into the southeast on a light northerly breeze.

The north wind will continue over the next several days as high pressure slowly builds in from the west across the South. High pressure not only has clockwise winds around it, responsible for reinforcing the north wind as it sits to our west, but also brings sinking motion to the atmosphere. That hinders cloud development and helps to keep our skies nice and sunny despite also bringing in the chilly air.

Under clear skies tonight we'll have a chance to see freezing conditions in our typical cold spots so we'll need to cover our plants inland as even some elevated surfaces will have a chance to develop frost. Afternoon highs over the next several days will get a bit chillier under that sun. Highs Wednesday and Thursday afternoons will only reach the upper 50s with the coldest morning of the week on Thursday where we could see freezing conditions close to the coast.

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant blue skies and sunshine with chilly temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. Your 7 Day Forecast will keep the chilly sunshine around for the next several days with some frosty morning's possible inland tomorrow morning and panhandle-wide Thursday morning.