Two employees arrested after fight at Crestview Popeyes

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (PRESS RELEASE) - The Crestview Police Department responded to multiple 911 calls from employees and patrons at Popeyes Restaurant located on South Ferdon Boulevard shortly before 4:30 pm Thursday afternoon.

There were reports of an armed disturbance between employees of the establishment.

When officers arrived on scene, contact was made with two employees who were engaged in a physical altercation, one of which became armed with a box opener knife during the altercation.

Other employees attempted to intervene in the fight between the two employees and became injured. One manager was pushed backwards and sustained injuries to an ankle while the other was cut in the hand with the box opener being yielded by one of the fighting employees.

Officers of the Crestview Police Department promptly arrested both employees.

The first employee, 20-year-old Tanya Hutchinson of Crestview, was arrested and charged with two counts of Felony Aggravated Battery (Involving a Deadly Weapon) for being armed with a weapon during the altercation and cutting the hand of an employee trying to intervene in the altercation, in addition to one count of Affray (Fighting and Public Disturbance) for fighting with the below named subject creating a public disturbance within the establishment.

The second employee, 18-year-old Dedria Henry was arrested and charged with Battery for striking the manager who was trying to intervene and one count of Affray for engaging in the altercation with Hutchinson.

The manager who sustained an injury to the ankle was treated on scene and the second employee was transported to the hospital by Okaloosa EMS with lacerations to the fingers and hands.

Both Hutchinson and Henry will be delivered into the custody of the Okaloosa County Jail awaiting first appearance.