Tyndall airmen cook for Waller Elementary School

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YOUNGSTOWN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - It's back to school for Waller Elementary School students, and they were greeted with a lunch from the grill; hamburgers and hot dogs.

"I jumped on the opportunity and I said that I'd come in and help cook and set up and do whatever they needed to," said EOD Tech Guadalupe Corona.

Corna got two of his friends from Tyndall to also help out.

"He asked if we could come help cook for the back to school for the kids, so we said of course," said EOD Tech Jason Osteberg.

Since Hurricane Michael, teachers say many kids haven't been living a normal life.

"Some of them haven't been able to eat the kind of food that we're going to have today. It's really sad," said a first-grade teacher at Waller Elementary, Alicia Gunther.

But these airmen can relate to some of the kids who've lost everything.

"With the base being kind of off-putting right now, there's not a lot of people that really have work to go to and even those that are fortunate enough to have jobs may not have a home to go back to," said Corona.

These gentlemen are hoping there's one lesson these kids can take away.

"Hopefully they'll repay it, and so as long as you help out, people help you out, we'll all kind of get through it. Nobodys not going through it so just help everybody out," said Osteberg.

"We live here, this is part of our community and stuff so if I have the ability to come out and help, then I'm going to do that," said Corona.