Visit South Walton using virtual billboards to reach tourists

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WALTON COUTNY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Visit South Walton is trying a new marketing technique using information from your cell phone.

It's called mobile marketing.

It uses your location setting and cookies on your phone to deliver virtual billboards about South Walton.

At the county commission meeting earlier this month, the board approved for this TDC to go forward with the campaign, even though there was some kickback from the public.

"So if maybe you meet those age demographics, you meet the household income and you've looked for a beach vacation in the southeast, then yes it might pop up on your phone. However, if I don't meet that visitor criteria for that and I've never searched for a beach home, it would more than likely not pop up on my phone," said Walton TDC Marketing Coordinator Kelli Carter.

TDC officials say Visit South Walton is an opt-in program. Meaning, you will never get never receive information unless you physically opted in yourself on their website.