Volunteers "inject" Oaks by the Bay trees in an effort to rejuvenate them

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The trees at Oaks By the Bay received a doctor's visit Thursday... well, kind of.

Arborists from The Project Canopy and Arborjet donated their time and supplies Thursday to help revitalize Oaks By the Bay Park.

This was all part of a program called Saving America's Iconic Trees.

The park's famous 272-year-old Sentry Oak is part of the project to save historic trees throughout the country.

Volunteers say they were impressed by the old Sentry Oak's foliage, however, some neighboring trees could use a shot of rejuvenation... literally.

J.B. Toorish, Southeast Regional Technical Manager of Arborjet said, "What we would be doing is injecting it to protect it from insects that may damage it after a hurricane, stresses that can affect the tree after a hurricane, and then add some nutrients. And then all the products would be injected systemically into the vascular tissue."

Although the Old Sentry oak was not injected Thursday, volunteers say they do intend to return and evaluate its health soon.