Waller Elementary hosts Festival of Nations

YOUNGSTOWN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Some Waller Elementary School students got a taste of the world, without even leaving Bay County.

Waller hosted its "Festival of Nations" celebration Thursday night.

The event aimed to show kids a little more of the world and other cultures.

During the last part of the celebration, students got a true taste of other cultures' food including European, Asian, and Central American cuisines.

Organizers say the festival was a way to show students that the world, is a pretty big place.

Jimmy Black, the P.E. coach at Waller Elementary said, "They [the students] don't get the chance to visit other states and very few of them, unless they have family in the military, don't get to know what the rest of the world looks like. So, what we wanted to do was give them the taste of another country and give them a taste of other parts of the world."

Some students even learned a few things they never knew about other countries, like Australia.

"[We learned] that 'barbie' means a grill and 'mate' means a friend and 'lid' means a hat," said Lexi McDaniel, a student at Waller.

Waller's book fair also tied into the Festival of Nations as students could buy a book on any country or culture they wanted to learn more about.