Walton mobility solutions

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Parking and transportation concerns are the first and last experience most people have when visiting our area and when it comes to finding a solution to mobility in Walton County, officials are looking for the public's input as to what the future should look like.

Through a few public meetings and a survey, Structured Parking Solutions is looking to give residents and visitors a voice.

"They want to get the public's input and also talk with those involved in the community to determine what the needs are going to be for mobility and parking issues," Director of Communications for Visit South Walton, David Demarest said.

"It looks like they are trying to pay attention to it ahead of time and I like that as a resident. It makes me feel like the county is doing something the right way," said Inlet Beach resident Alan Ford.

"This is all about the community, so this is what we think we need going forward from he point of view of a resident or employee. Anybody who lives and works in Walton County, we want to have your input because that's going to determine what the ultimate plan presented to the county commissioners is going to look like," Demarest added.

All you have to do is go online and respond to a few questions.

"It looked like the thing they were most interested in was 'Is charging for parking reasonable?' And did I feel differently about charging for parking if I was a resident," said Ford, who took the survey.

In the end, they hope add more than 900 additional parking spaces, provide public and employee shuttle programs, and create a phone-based way-finding parking and shuttle app.

"This is for everybody who lives in Walton County, whether you're in the north part or south part," Demarest said. "This is something that effects you because here our beaches really are treasured and it's thought of as a community investment in having that access to the beach and having a say in what the future of Walton County looks like."

Those who would like to give their input have until December 8th to submit their survey.