Wednesday Forecast

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels showing this morning's sunrise temperature in Panama City.

It's a much quieter morning on radar over the Panhandle with just a few clouds cruising our skies and a few spotty small showers in the Gulf. We'll watch and see if any can make it onto the coast this morning, it would be fairly isolated if it were to. Better rain chances show up this afternoon, especially away from the coast.

Temperatures out the door this morning are in the mid 70s for another warm and muggy start. We'll warm up a bit quicker under partly sunny skies today than compared to yesterday and that will lead toward slightly warmer highs near 90 or the low 90s inland.

Our area of low pressure has moved out of the Southeast and the trough has weakened. That's allowing for a bit more sunshine and a much quieter start this morning.

We'll still have enough lift produced by daytime heating and the sea breeze to get afternoon scattered, hit or miss, storms going. They'll be largely away from the coast this afternoon at a 50% chance inland to only a 30% chance for the coast. However, a southeasterly steering wind could bring areas on the coast from Bay County to Gulf County into play in the early afternoon. I'm looking at areas like Panama City and surrounding communities on down to Port St.Joe for my zone on the coast of an afternoon storm.

We're back to this summery pattern of just isolated stray showers possible on the coast in the mornings and scattered hit or miss storms mainly inland in the afternoon for the rest of the week. Steering winds in the afternoon over the next coming days will be more southerly or southwesterly which should keep sea breeze storms away from the coast and more hit or miss inland in the afternoons of Thursday and Friday.

Bottom Line...
For today, partly sunny skies with a hit or miss afternoon storm possible, mainly inland. Highs today reach up to near 90 on the coast to the low 90s inland. Your 7 Day Forecast keeps us running in this summery pattern of hot & humid days with only stray small showers possible in the morning on the coast to hit or miss storms mainly inland in the afternoons for the next several days.

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