Wednesday Forecast

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

It's another quiet start on radar with just a few wispy upper level clouds passing through early on. We'll see a few more of those clouds in our skies today, gradually increasing toward the day's end.

Otherwise, bundle up again! It's another cold morning in NWFL with temperatures in the 20s inland to low 30s on the coast. While winds are not as strong as yesterday, they're still adding to the chill as we are all waking up with feels like temperatures in the 20s. Dress warmly like you did yesterday and you'll be just fine through the morning hours today.

Mainly sunny skies will help warm up our temperatures a bit more than days prior. We'll reach the mid 50s this afternoon for day-time highs, up a solid 5-10 degrees from yesterday.

Our next storm system is taking shape over Texas today. Clouds moving off the developing showers and thunderstorms in the Plains will increase in our skies today gradually turning mostly sunny by the day's end.

The clouds will continue to increase heading into tonight and that will help us to not get as cold as days before. The clouds will act like a warm blanket tonight trapping the earth's long wave radiation that's emitted into space in the overnight hours. Temperatures tonight will be about 10 degrees warmer because of this, in the upper 30s inland to low 40s on the coast by Thursday morning.

However, expect our Thursday to be on the mainly cloudy side. And despite highs reaching the upper 50s to low 60s, it will still be cool enough to keep the jackets handy.

Eventually, the storms from Texas will move in. But it's looking like we'll see them pass through the Panhandle after sunset and into Thursday evening.

Bottom Line...
For today, mainly sunny skies turn mostly sunny. Highs reach the mid 50s. Your 7 Day Forecast increases our clouds into tomorrow, as well as, our temperatures with rain chances developing late in the day and becoming likely Thursday night.

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