A look inside Arnold's set up for the state weightlifting championship

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - The Marlins Athletic Center's set to host two days of the girls state championship weightlifting.

Arnold state weightlifting

The 1A classes go Friday, the 2A classes Saturday.

Hosting a state championship is no easy feat, and it requires some very specialized set up and equipment.

Arnold Athletic Director Rick Green walked NewsChannel 7's Jamie Hale.

"So Jamie, what we did is we've got five platforms set up," Rick Green, Arnold Athletic Director said. "One bench is set up facing one stand, the other the opposite. We've got kids who are going to be waiting, and people asking what weight class their child is in and they're going to direct them to the right side. We also had to have a way to display the weight that's being attempted and the attempt. So we had to come up with some things to do that and there's flip charts that go both ways. We couldn't afford crowd control, so we built our own crowd control devices and we've got flags around here. We've never had this."

"We have Dynamic Fitness and Strength weights," Green continued. "They provided this on a loan for the state weightlifting championship for both the girls and the boys. These are true, Olympic weights. They have a rubber case with stainless steel centers. Just to give you an idea, two of those 45's are $488. As we go down the gym the weight class gets larger and larger. We have three judges at each. So to eliminate the pressure on the judges, their lights are going to come on by them. So to not let the fans know what judge voted yes, what judge voted no, there's a master switch. Once they vote, he'll hit his button and all three lights will come on at the same time so nobody knows who voted how. We start at 10:30 in the morning and I am ready."

NewsChannel 7 Sports asked a representative from the FHSAA if he had any concerns with this being Arnold's first time at hosting.

"Actually, we're excited because we really don't have any concerns," Justin Harrison, FHSAA Associate Athletic Director said. "Arnold High School, Keith Bland, Rick Green have done a tremendous amount of home work and done a great job of setting this up. Coming in today, the day before to set up this event, we're ecstatic. We don't see any concerns at all."

Our area has 26 lifters from Arnold, Niceville, Mosley, Altha, Bozeman, Holmes, Port St. Joe and Vernon.

We wish them all the best.