Arnold A.D. working to find new baseball coach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WCEP) The search is on for a new head baseball coach at Arnold High School.

Arnold A.D. Rick Green tasked with filling that spot, after the decision was made to not renew the contract of head coach Greg Gumm, who's guided the Marlins the last five plus seasons.

I spoke with coach Green about the search and he told me the minute he put out the "help wanted" sign, he began hearing from seriously interested candidates from near and far.

"You know I've kind of done this before with the football job Scott." coach Green says "You put this out on different state sites, like FHSAA. We put it on the Georgia site, we put it on Baseball America's site. We've had people reply to us from all those sites. We've had it out for a week and we're right at 25 applicants right now, for the first week. And we've had some local folks apply before we even had it out on the FHSAA. We've had people from Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and as far north as Pennsylvania. So most of it is on the eastern side of the United States."

And as for the level of experience in those applicants?

"I've been real surprised, we have all different types of experience levels there. We have head high school coaches, we have assistant high school coaches, and some long time assistants. We even have some assistant college coaches that have applied."

Coach says he feels the state of the program is pretty good, and obviously this is a job that is attracting strong candidates. He says he's hoping to have a new head coach in place by the time summer baseball begins, and that means by the end of May.

"OK what we've done is we've put a cutoff in there, I can't give you the exact date, it will be the first Monday in May is our cutoff. That gives everybody two weeks, everybody that is looking for jobs. So by then...we've got to Scott go ahead and think that we are going to have some type of summer ball so we're going to try our best and get somebody in place before we would start summer ball. We've got to do that, even where he can start connecting with the kids. Be it this way, like you and I are talking. Or on the phone or by some other means or form. We want somebody that can start connecting with the kids."

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