Arnold soccer team preps for second round playoff match

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) The Arnold boy's soccer team is looking ahead to a second round playoff match, and that will come against a rather familiar opponent.

Arnold soccer team set for second round playoff match

Coach Jonah Hammond and his Marlins winning their playoff opener Wednesday night, beating Yulee 5-0.

That has them hosting a second round match with district rival West Florida, a team the Marlins have already beaten three times this season. Arnold head coach Jonah Hammond telling me he Thursday he's been thinking for some time about another match with the Jag's, even as his team was dealing with that first round match against Yulee.

"You know we knew that Yulee like to play the long ball and play more direct." Hammond told me. "And our team does really well with that. And against teams that like to play those long balls. And we wanted to try some new things, put people in new positions to do something for this West Florida game, since we've seen them so many times. To something that they can't prepare for, something that if they are watching video, that they've never seen us do before. And seen people in certain positions."

The match with West Florida Saturday set for 7:00