Bozeman Bucks meet their new football coach

BAY COUNTY, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - Monday was a big day up in the Sand Hills.

The Bozeman Bucks introduced their new head football coach Jason Griffin.

Principal Josh Balkom got things going by thanking his Athletic Director Michael Memmen.

Memmen overseeing the search committee, which began looking at 25 applications, whittled that down to 10 candidates.

After interviewing 10 of them, chose coach Griffin.

Jason's a '92 Rutherford grad, who played college ball at Tennessee Martin. He then came back to the Panhandle and has been an assistant at Catholic, Mosley, Rutherford and the last two years at Arnold.

This is his first head coaching job.

"I didn't even have an updated resume," Jason Griffin, Bozeman's new head football coach said. "I wasn't looking to go anywhere. Keith Bland and Josh Wright out there at Arnold, I have the utmost respect for those guys, I had a great job. They gave me a great opportunity. So I wasn't really looking to move anywhere. And of course with my family being here, and me being a Bay County guy, I wasn't looking to go outside of Bay County. But I always had my eye on this job up here, and when it cam available it changed my whole thought process."

"You know we're unique to Bay County in that we're a 1A school," Michael Memmen, Bozeman Athletic Director said. "We're very family oriented and you get to know every single kid on campus. And when he was interviewing for the job a lot of those things stood out to him and us as a committee. And we we were on the same page and we felt he was the right fit right away."

Griffin and his players will be together for spring practice starting late in April..