Bulldogs are ready to blaze through the upcoming football season

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FREEPORT, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - Rain or no rain, high school football teams in our area will find a way to get in some practice during this first week of fall camp.

Day three brings us over to Freeport and a visit with second year head football coach Shaun Arntz and his Bulldogs.

Freeport practicing in the gym on Wednesday due to the heavy rainfall, getting in over an hour worth of drills and practice.

"As coaches, we go into all these days looking at the weather 12-24 hours in advance," Shaun Arntz, Freeport head football coach said. "And then we always have a contingency plan in. Our kids have done a really good job the last couple of days controlling the things that they can control, which is their effort and their energy put in from drill to drill. We were going to be working on special teams during period one, but it actually turned into weight room time because of the weather or whatever. But they've done a really good job at handling that."

Arntz and his Bulldogs are working to improve from a 5-5 finish last season.

Even though Arntz has been in the coaching game for 11 years, he knows it's always smart to look back on the mistakes you make from the past season in hopes of having more success the next.

"Absolutely, yeah," Arntz said. "At the end of it I reflect. All of our coaches reflect. We all find out what we should have done, what we wanted to do, things that we thought were going to work, but we kind of fell short of, why we fell short of those. So we evaluate ourselves from the outside in, and inside out, and doing our best to make those corrections now."

Arntz admits his program has lost a lot of starters and good players. But with that being said, "We're very confident in the guys we have replacing those players," Arntz said. "They've worked real hard and put their time in. They've bought in to whatever we've needed them to buy into. And they're doing a really good job with that. So I'm really looking forward to seeing a few of our older guys. Really looking forward to seeing them lead this team."

Freeport travels to Vernon on August 24th.