Chipola head coach busy designing more rings for his Indians this summer

MARIANNA, FL (WJHG/WECP) It seems to be becoming part of Jeff Johnson's summer routine, designing championship rings.

The Indians head baseball coach and his team once again celebrating a National Championship this summer.

Chipola's now won back to back Panhandle, State, and National Championships.

So they're getting set to place an order for more rings to commemorate the national title they nailed down in early June.

And somebody has to figure out what those rings should look like, and that falls on the Chipola coaching staff with Johnson getting the final say!

"You know after doing it for a few years, you learn who to talk to, to get it done as quick as you can. And then the other end of it, what you want to put on it to make it a lasting memory for these kids. And the special things that your team was based on, you know the records, all that obviously. Just the little sayings and things that they'll remember for the rest of their lives, that were pertinent to this team."

There are a handful of Chipola players who will be getting a second national championship ring, so coach says he wants to make sure to differentiate this year's ring from last year's.

"You know last year's guys, and this year's guys, we going to try and make it a little different. I think we're going to go with...last year we went gold. I think we're going to go silver this year. Because of certain things, certain designs you're going to have, you don't want them to be the exact same. Which is a really good problem, by the way. So we're probably going to go with the silver ring this year versus a gold one."

It is likely Johnson and his staff will give out the new title rings at Chipola's annual Alumni Weekend in late January.

And, oh by the way, coach Johnson Thursday named the NJCAA D1 American Baseball Coaches Association National Coach of the Year.

“It feels good to get it man," said Johnson. "As always when you get an award like that with the many great coaches as there are at our junior college level, it's special. It takes a lot of great players and a lot of great assistant coaches to help as well. I'm just proud to receive the honor."