Eight teams split $136K at Grand Lagoon Grand Slam

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Choppy conditions in the Gulf of Mexico made things rough Thursday through Saturday, but eight teams wound up splitting $136,000 following weigh-ins at the third annual Grand Lagoon Grand Slam.

27 boats set out to compete with ten bringing back fish. No blue marlins were reeled in, but the tuna, wahoo, and dolphin categories were plenty competitive.

Funny Feelin' reeled in the heaviest fish of the weekend, a 135 pound tuna which helped win the team in excess of $28,000. It's a weekend nobody on board will forget, and for crewman Dustin Creed, there is no better way to spend his first days back in the United States.

"I'm fortunate enough to just get back from Afghanistan. I was there for about seven months," Creed said. "I called up Ben Harris and I said 'hey, I'm coming home, is there a chance I can come fishing with y'all?' He got me on the beautiful boat run by Brian Huggins, the best damn captain I ever fished with, holy cow! We were catching so many dolphin, we didn't know what to do with them. The box is full on the boat. I don't know if I'm the lucky charm, but I think Ben thinks it's all about Huggins!"

Creed served with the U.S. National support Element.

The largest check goes to the team of High Current, captained by Jamie Posey in the catch and release category. Posey's crew will split a $29,000 prize, the fulfillment of a dream years in the making.

"My dad fished these tournaments in Bay Point and growing up, I was just at the age I didn't get to fish in them," Posey said. "To have a chance to be a part of something to bring back to a town like this where it all started, it's an awesome thing."