FSU Coach Willie Taggart Named In Oregon Lawsuit

EUGENE, OR (WJHG/WECP) Call this a serious headache FSU head coach Willie Taggart certainly doesn't need.

Taggart named as part of an $11.5 million dollar suit by a former player at the University of Oregon.

That player, Doug Brenner alleges he suffered serious injuries due to offseason workouts in January of 2017, during Taggart's one season in Eugene.

The suit alleges the workouts were too severe and Taggart and his coaches were negligent in imposing and carrying out the workouts.

The suit also names the University of Oregon, and the NCAA, stating the latter failed to regulate such practices by coaches and its member institutions.

As if 5-7 in his first season in Tallahassee wasn't bad enough, now coach Taggart faces a serious of depositions in the coming months, and questions regarding how he runs his offseason conditioning.