FSU head coach Willie Taggart hits the stage in Charlotte

Florida State first year head football coach Willie Taggart and two of his players, running back Cam Akers and defensive end Brian Burns were part of the ACC Atlantic crew on stage Thursday at the ACC Media Days in Charlotte.

Thursday the second and final day of that press event.

Naturally with a new coach coming in to succeed Jimbo Fisher, some of the questioning centered around that change, the change in philosophy, the change in schemes, and so on.

The players sounding like they are already completely on board with coach Taggart and his way of doing things.

"Just a lot of energy, a lot of excitement," Cam Akers, FSU running told the media crowd in Charlotte. "He came in and changed a lot of things, holding each other accountable, and we're really enjoying it, and we're really looking forward to the first game."

"Coach Taggart has brought a new wave, a new culture to Florida State," Brian Burns, FSU defensive end said. "He's bringing enthusiasm. He's making everybody hold themselves accountable, responsibility, no excuses for anything, whether it's missing a class, weight room, it doesn't matter. There's no excuses for anything, and he's really changing our guys, and I'm really appreciating him, and I'm excited for this year."

"My vision for this program is to win multiple championships in a first-class manner," Willie Taggart, FSU football coach. "That's our vision. That's going to always be our vision. To me that's what Florida State is all about, and that's what I grew up watching and loving when it came to Florida State football. Every year they were competing for a championship."

Coach Taggart also asked about one of the catchphrases he's been tossing around the football facilities recently at FSU, "lethal simplicity"!
Willie Taggart among the ACC-Atlantic coaches speaking up there today, and among other things, he explained one of the catch phrases he's been tossing around the football facilities, as he works to get his players, especially on defense, to play with "lethal simplicity"!

"It's allowing guys to line up and play football." Taggart said "We have some talented football players on our team. And we as coaches can't confuse them by being so complicated with a game that is simple and a game that these kids have been playing all their life. We have to allow them to go play the game of football like we all know they can play and like we recruited them to play for. So just being simple and allowing our guys to play the game of football and have fun doing it."

The Seminoles open at home against Virginia Tech September 3, just 46 days away.