FSU's ready to take on Southern Miss in the Walk On's Independence Bowl

Back in August, no Seminole fan, even in their worst nightmare, thought the Florida State football team would be playing this week.

And that is the Walk On's Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Very few, if any, FSU fans would have guessed that on top of the disappointing bowl appearance, the 'noles would be there without Jimbo Fisher. Willie Taggart's taken over after Fisher's departure, and all that leaving d-line and interim head coach Odell Haggins answering questions like this today in Shreveport!

"We're very excited to be here at the Independence Bowl," Odell Haggins, FSU Interim head coach said. "Like I said before, everybody talk about me, no it's about our players. It's not about Odell Haggins, it's about the players at Florida State University. That's my concern, make sure our players have a good time, they practice well, and go out and perform in the game. That's what it's about."

"You know the chance to come to this bowl game, after the season we had, the ups and downs, the adversity we faced, you know it's awesome," Alec Eberle, FSU junior offensive lineman said. "To have this team get the chance to play another game together because you know, a team has a one year life expectancy. And after this game, this team's never the same. Whether it's players, coaches, you never know who's gonna be here. So for the chance for us to play this game again, here, it's huge. We're having a good time."

"I tell you this, we've had 12 extra practices so the guys can get experience," Odell said. "And it's gonna be big for some of the young guys to get out there and play. But a lot of our guys, we played in a lot of big games and the guys have played a lot of football. Therefor every little bit helps to the next season, when you're praticing.

Coach Taggart announcing Tuesday he's retaining coach Haggins as defensive line coach and associate head coach at FSU.

Southern Miss and FSU play Wednesday at 12:30. The 'noles favored by 17.