First look at the multi-million dollar renovations at FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - College football season is about to kick off, and over at Florida State University, more than $80 million worth of renovations are about to be unveiled.

"What's great about the Champions Club project, and the revenue that's being generated from it, is that it's funding the upkeep, and really all the renovations around Doak Campbell Stadium," Brian Wagner, Premium Account Executive of Seminoles Boosters, Inc., said. "It's made possible because of the Champions Club revenue."

The Champions Club includes over 5,000 outdoor seats.

"No more bleacher seats," Wagner said. "We took 10,000 bleacher seats out, and replaced them with about 5,800 actual padded chair back seats.

The club also includes air conditioned space.

"It's no secret that it's really hot on September afternoon games here in Tallahassee," Wagner said. "We now have 70,000 square feet of indoor, air conditioned space that you can not only watch the FSU game during, but you can watch any other game around the country. We now have 177 brand new televisions across the Champions Club."

There's 34,000 square feet of rooftop terraces, an indoor sports bar and restaurant area in the club. "We can seat 300 people on game days in the lower west side corner," Wagner said.

Two elevator towers are now installed. This will move 144 people a minute.

"With our new elevators, all you're going to do is walk up, chose the left or the right side, and in just a few seconds you'll be in the brand new Champions Club club space," Wagner said. "So no more will you have a line out to the parking lot, and have to wait forever."

The renovations don't stop there. The scoreboard in the north end zone has been taken down, and replaced with a new main board in the north end zone reaching 58 feet tall, and almost 120 feet wide. That's three times larger, and two times higher than the old system.

"It's incredible," Wagner said. "I mean, this is an ionic stadium, iconic venue and it just got better. I think if you're a 17, or 18-year-old kid getting recruited by Jimbo Fisher, and you see this brand new facility, it's something you want to be a part of. A lot of this revenue is being pumped right back into the recruiting process. If you like that number one recruiting class that we just brought in, you can thank the Champions Club revenue for being a part of that."

With the partnership with the Seminole Boosters and Center Club, Wagner says they can now turn this into more than just a game day space from September to November, and generate revenue all year around.

For the first time ever, Doak Campbell Stadium will have concerts on the field. After the Boston College game on November 12, FSU's having a country concert called 'Doak After Dark.'

Wagner says the doors will open September 9th at the grand opening event for club seat purchasers.

He also says there's a required capitol campaign gift that you have to purchase when you purchase or reserve your seats. It's that tax deductible donation that gets pumped right back into the stadium.