Freeport A.D. working to advise his student-athletes as best he can

FREEPORT, FL (WJHG/WECP) In this time of crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, many area high school coaches continue putting aside their coaching caps, and donning their counselor and advisor caps! Case in point Freeport Athletic Director and head football coach Shaun Arntz.

Ordinarily in April coach Arntz would be overseeing the boy's weightlifters as they prepared for Districts, Regionals and a shot at State. And planning ahead for spring football workouts which take place in May.

Instead he too is doing what he can to help advise the many student-athletes in his charge, beyond the scope of sports.!

"Just to stay safe and be selfless and do all the things that we talk about doing on a day to basis at school." the coach told me a Skype interview. "You know putting other first and all that type of stuff. Take that short-term pain for long term gain. And I've been telling them this stuff since March 13th or 14th when it hit home for me having a five year old of my own and worrying about what I was bringing in and out of the house. But I've been really impressed by our team and how they've responded and what their responses have been and how the parents have followed up with me as well. And they have definitely been doing it with validity."

Spring football yet to be pushed back or canceled though it's looking more and more like that will happen one way or the other.

Nonetheless the players should continue to work. Be it for spring ball or just for the fact he wants his student-athletes to keep busy, and stay in shape, coach Arntz has been encouraging them through social media, passing along training tips, or training videos. The kids are responding, and sending back videos of both traditional and non-traditional workouts alike.

A very good thing, coach Arntz says, especially given they are coming off a rather tough week of transition last week with everyone moving to online schooling.

"This is when we rolled out the distance learning, the at-home learning plans. And even if it's only four classes, fifty minutes a day, it's still a new way for them. And it's been a tough week for all of our kids across the Panhandle. And really what I'm putting out on Twitter for them and the stuff I'm retweeting and the stuff I'm sharing with them, that's really just an option, some structure for them so they don't have to figure it out. It's there for them."

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