Freeport and South Walton's hosting weekly girls basketball games

It's staying warm on the local courts nonethless.

And there are plenty of girls working the hardwood this month in our area.

Freeport and South Walton hosting a weekly gathering of varsity teams, in this case, it was Bay, Paxton Chipley, South Walton and host Freeport.

The teams playing with a 20 minute running clock for two halves and then switch opponents.

The idea is to continue the recent explosion of summer basketball for the girls and get in as many games as possible.

"For this league around here, and for the basketball in this area, it's very important to get out and play and try to learn," Mike Myrick, Freeport basketball coach said. "We don't play a lot of AAU because of the distance you've got to travel and the cost to play that much. So we try to provide enough games to compensate for that."

"The more you play the better you get," Chipley basketball coach said. "So just team chemistry for next year, get the new girls used to playing with the more experienced players. Just building bonds with the players, traveling together, having fun together, playing together. Players who play summer ball, they normally end up starting, being your more important players. It's definitely benefical to play."