Greg Jordan talks about his move back north as Liberty Head Coach

PORT ST. JOE, FL (WJHG/WECP) High School football fans in the area are still reacting to the news of the change at Port St. Joe and the move back north by Greg Jordan. Now we are hearing from the coach himself about his decision to leave the Sharks and become Liberty's new head coach.

Coach Jordan resigning his job at Port St. Joe after two seasons there, and being hired as the new head coach at Liberty, with that announcement coming last Friday. And that coming as a bit of a shock to many folks in the region. Monday I was able to speak with coach Jordan about his motivation to move back north, and it had something to do with wanting to work much closer to home!

"I mean I have been driving back and forth for two years." coach Jordan told me. "You know the plan when I took the (Port St. Joe) job back in February, you know 20 months ago, was to move down within six to eight months. But it turned into next summer, with getting my wife a job. And then 8 months after I was already there the storm hit. And it took an already tight housing market and squeezed it even tighter. And I just couldn't make the commitment to sell and move down, at the time. And you know the coach there needs to live in the community and be a part of it and I understand

Coach Jordan has been away coaching in the FACA All Star game so he's not had the chance to meet with the Liberty players yet, he'll do that soon he says. As for departing Port St. Joe, he tells me it's never easy leaving a good situation, with good people surrounding the program.

"You know I talked to (Gulf County Superintendent) Mr. (Jim) Norton and then when I was talking to the kids I said when I left Blountstown after the 2017 season, that was going to be the last football job that I have. My plan was to go there and coach eight or ten years and you know retire and be part of that community and live there. But life has a way of throwing curveballs that you just have to roll with. And it was tough telling the kids. And we had some great kids down there and great support from the administration at every level. Everything's in place for that to continue to be a great job for somebody.

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