Gulf Coast coaches doling out online instruction to help area athletes

PANAMA CITY, FL (WJHG/WECP) These are tough times for everyone, in our area and well beyond. Some coaches within the Gulf Coast College Athletic Department are doing what they can to help out in an interesting way!

Gulf Coast coaches and digital media department working on online instructional videos.

Monday morning inside the Harrison Field House, some of the basketball coaches were on the floor, along with some members of the Gulf Coast broadcast productions department, shooting some simple video coaching clinics.

The idea is to produce a series of relatively short instructionals, put them online and help out youngsters in our area and beyond, in terms of staying active, while also learning the right way to do things when it comes to a variety of sports! \

Among the ideas being taped Monday, some free throw drills, and outlet passes, among other things.

This idea started by the soon to be retired head coach of the Gulf Coast women's basketball team, Roonie Scovel!

"Well it actually came from a family member who has some kids at home." coach Scovel told me Monday. "I have a niece who lives in Alexandria, Virginia and she's got four kids at home, from toddler's to elementary, and she was looking for activities. And I said well I can get on Facetime and kind of walk them through some things with basketball. And she said 'oh that would be cool and. And I though well if we can do it with I made the phone calls to James Baxley and Brandon, with our digital media program. So this is from pretty good teammwork."

"And from there it just kind of took off" says Gulf Coast baseball head coach and Athletic Director Mike Kandler. "Where we decided we would do basically what we call virtual sports camps. And we're going to do baseball, basketball, softball, swimming, whatever kind of comes up. Hopefully some people at home are looking for things to do with their kids. They can watch these things, and we demonstrate some proper techniques and some drill work that they can work on. And give dads and moms the chance to work with their sons and daughters on some athletic activities."

Coach Kandler says the'll be shooting these video clinics and drills over the next few weeks, and will continue as long as they think folks are viewing them and needing them.

"I mean the whole of idea of this, it's free, more of a community service type thing." coach Kandler says. "Our idea is to put it on as many social media things that we can. Obviously all the videos are still in the production stage. Hopefully we'll have them done by the middle of this week. They'll be on should have a link, the Gulf Coast Facebook should have a link. Hopefully all the coaches will put them on their Twitter sites. So it will be readily available."

"Any time that you think you can provide a service," adds coach Scovel "because when you read online and any social media and you watch people, they're struggling. The teachers are struggling, the kids are struggling. They're not gonna go to school. Their friends, instructions. So this is a tough time for everybody. If we can just give them five minutes of something that makes you be productive and look towards something positive. You know because I think we're spending a lot of time saying what we can't do. Let's talk about what we can do. And we can do this right here with a backyard, a driveway, a garage, a ball, any kind of ball. We're providing you every sport that we can think of. So I think this is just a positive thing to a bad situation.">

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