Gulf Coast replacing Harrison Field House floor

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) The Gulf Coast basketball teams lost more than a month of practice and training at Harrison Field House immediately after Hurricane Michael.

Even in May, it turns out the Commodores haven't entirely escaped the storm's wrath yet.

Back in October, a company called "Impact Floors" came in and assessed the damage. They knew the roof had leaked and water got in, but the initial assessment said only part of the floor might need to be replaced—if the work was done right away. If they waited...perhaps not.

The decision was made to try to play on, and that certainly worked out, with the Lady Commodores winning state and national championships this season. But now the school needs to tear up and replace the entire floor.

"We knew we had some problems," athletic director Mike Kandler said. "The good news is we thought we'd be able to get through the basketball season, which we did. But [the rep from Impact Floors] said things might get a lot worse as time wore on. And water, doing what it does, found it's way and kind of worked its way through the floor. So by the time the season ended, we realized it was probably going to be a complete removal and a brand new floor. It is what it is, but the good news is we got through our season and now we're gonna have a brand new floor."

As for the part of the floor that bears the name of Gulf Coast's Hall of Fame coach, Roonie Scovel, that has been cut around to save intact, although the folks there still don't know exactly what to do with it once it comes up.