Gulf Coast women's basketball team celebrates winning back-to-back triple crowns

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Monday marked the homecoming of back-to-back Panhandle, State and National Champions.

Gulf Coast spent the last week in Lubbock, Texas, winning four games between Tuesday and Saturday night, with that fourth win coming over Trinity Valley for the national championship.

The team made it back home Monday afternoon, a bit weary, but with a serious legacy intact.

"We talked about something that we had heard," Roonie Scovel, Gulf Coast women's basketball head coach, said. "I had heard a U-Conn player say when somebody asked him, 'do you ever think about losing?' and she said, 'No, if you think that way you'll think into its existence,' so we use that phrase a lot."

Coach Roonie Scovel and the Gulf Coast women's basketball team lived by those words this season. For the first time in school history, the Lady Commodores won back-to-back triple crowns.

"For them to achieve what they've done the last two years and not only back-to-back nationals titles, but they're back-to-back triple crowns and that's truly amazing," Scovel said.

Not an easy accomplishment for a team that turns over half the roster every year.

"There was never a point where we thought, 'oh, we're just going to go in and win a national title,'" Scovel said. "I wasn't even sure we were going to get there. The final game, it seemed like it came easy to us but it was still a grind. After that first quarter, you just kind of feel it. That they weren't going to let it get away from them."

Despite dealing with some adversity on and off the court this season, the number one 'dores beat Trinity Valley 87-63, earning a fifth national title in school history.

"Some crazy things happened, and they just kept playing," Scovel said. "So, they probably taught me some things about just kind of staying in the moment, staying focused."

Fans gathered Monday to welcome home the champs who walked off the bus with a trophy in hand, and a smile on their face.

Even though the season is over, the team will line up one last time.

"Absolutely," Scovel said. "In about six weeks, they're going to line up, and get their diplomas and move on. Back-to-back triple crowns, 100% graduation rate back-to-back. That's just amazing."