Gulf Coast working towards naming a new men's hoops coach soon

To say the least, the search for a new head coach of the men's basketball program at Gulf Coast has been a bit of a drawn out process, given Jay Powell stepped down at the end of February.

Administrators at the college took extra time before opening the application process, giving thought to whether or not to continue with the men's program, given serious financial constraints in the wake of the hurricane.

All that's been settled, but the process began nearly 6 weeks after Powell's departure. Once it the job was advertised though, the resumes started pouring in, says G.C. Athletic Director Mike Kandler.

"Yeah we've had about 70 applications put in, and to be honest with you there are some really qualified people." Kandler told me. "It's seems that this is a job, it's a coveted position for a lot of people. I was really pleased with the number of applicants and the quality of applications that we got."

And with that said, the ball is really rolling towards naming a new head coach within the next ten days perhaps.

"Well the way that it works, the official close date is the 8th of May but we were able to also start the interview process as you go." Kandler says. "Right now we have our interview committee formed and we're beginning to work through the interview process. And what we're hoping here is to maybe be able to, a week to ten days, name a new coach. So it's going to happen from this point forward, pretty quickly, hopefully. Anytime you do one of these things everything has to go right, and everything's got to line up, but we're getting close."

The new coach will come in very much behind in the recruiting process, so he will have to make that his first order of business once he starts. The upside for the program, 9 players are expected to return from last year's team, so the nucleus is there to have a competitive team in 2019-2020.