Health concerns forcing change on Port St. Joe's coaching staff

PORT ST. JOE, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - Port St. Joe's head football coach John Palmer is stepping away from that role as head coach due to health concerns.

Assistant coach Josh Dailey, who's been with the program the last four seasons, takes over as head coach. Dailey coached the team in last night's loss at Arnold, that the second game this season coach Palmer was forced to miss.

This is a crucial time for the football program, the team is 6-3 and in position for a state playoff berth.

Still, given his current health status, the nature of which the coach chose to keep private, which we respect, mandates an interim coach take the reigns.

"The situation with me right now is that I'm unable to be at every team function right now," John Palmer, Port St. Joe head football coach said. "So in lieu of that, administration wanted to have something in place which Mr. Dailey, coach Dailey, who's coached with us the last four years will be stepping in as an interim coach. Whenever I'm there, I'm still invovled with the team and so forth but he'll be acting in my stead as coach while I'm not able to be at practices or games or any other functions."

Coach tells us the players have known about his health concerns all season, and they are dealing with it as best they can. Palmer says he and the players have full faith in coach Dailey.

"Well the kids have a lot of rsepect for Josh and he's familiar with all of them," Palmer said. "He's familiar with all of our coaches and our defensive coordinator, and or offensive coordinator will stay in place and the special teams coordinator. So we feel confident that everything will stay on the same plane and hopefully we'll get things back on the win column."

The Sharks have lost their last two games, last week to Blountstown, and Thursday night at Arnold.

Still if they win at home next week against North Florida Christian, they should be in line for a playoff berth.