Janarius Robinson riding out this pandemic in Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WJHG/WECP) Bay alum and current Florida State senior defensive lineman Janarius Robinson continues to ride out this pandemic at his apartment in Tallahassee. I spoke via Zoom with JRob Thursday, and we talked about a variety of topics.

Bay alum Robinson staying in Tallahassee during shutdown

Starting with the fact he's stayed in Tallahassee during this shutdown. That he says is because his family's home is still being rebuilt after the storm. That's not the only reason though.

"It's kind of difficult not really being able to come home because a lot of my family members have pre-existing medical conditions." Janarius told me. "And I don't want to put those people in jeopardy of being unhealthy. So it's kind of hard of being around on just the phone."

So he's isolated from his blood family, and for the most part, his football family as well.

"And of course not being around my teammates and you know, building that bond. I felt like we had something going pretty well with the new coach. And everything got put on hold real quick. And like you said we only had three days of spring practice. We missed out on that time. And we just have to readjust and do what we can at this time."

As for staying near campus I asked about the advantage of that, if there was any, in terms of advancing himself in a football sense?

"You know it's not that many more resources because the facilities are all closed. So no weight room, no football field, no indoor (practice facility). So it's not that much of a difference but I'd rather around some of my teammates so we can get some individual workouts in. Whether it's learn plays or go on installs that we previously learned before we went on break."

I also spoke with Robinson about his impression of his new head coach Mike Norvell, who really seems to be bringing a fresh energy to FSU.

"Coach Norvell is a wonderful guy. Like you say he has that energy and he's going to bring it every day. I remember offseason workout in January, right before spring ball and it would be 5:55 (a.m.) and walking in the indoor (practice facility) and he's giving you that energy you know 'good morning sir'. Uplifting you. And he's the type of guy that he's going to hold you to your standard. He asked me the first time I had a meeting with him, and he's holding me to my standard. Whatever you want, he's going to hold you to that and help you get to what you want to do."

Robinson knows this is a very big season up ahead for him, being a 5th year senior, and he's excited to get back on the field with his team whenever that's possible. More with Robinson Friday at 5 and 6, including his thoughts on his new head coach Mike Norvell.

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