Liberty baseball program has interim coach, plan to eventually move forward

BRISTOL, FL (WJHG/WECP) Welcome back, we begin with more from Bristol, a community with a broken heart tonight.

The folks there, the extended family of Liberty High School baseball, the school itself and well beyond, still mourning the loss of Liberty baseball coach Corey Crum, his wife Shana.

Their son also injured in an accident at the baseball field Sunday during a volunteer clean up day at that field.

The coach electrocuted as he worked to repair their damaged scoreboard, the lift he was working on striking a powerline. His wife killed as she tried to help her husband. The son burned when he tried to help as well.

As the players mourn the loss of their coach, others gathering Monday morning to decide what to do about the games ahead. Among those making the decision for how long to leave this field silent, the assistant coach, Manny Stafford, boosters, the A.D. and school superintendent David Summers.

"And what came out of that meeting" says Mr. Summers "was that we would move Mr. Manny Stafford, he agreed to move into the head coaching position at interim level. And the others would assist with coaching, and helping him through the next few days. We will have to cancel the next couple of games, but as quick as we can get on our feet we're gonna continue on with the bulk of our season. Just a couple of games here at the beginning of the season and hopefully we can reschedule them. That will be the best plan. And then we'll get into our regular schedule."

The next two games were road games at Sneads set for Tuesday, and at Franklin Friday. Those definitely postponed. The next games after that are at Maclay Saturday and home to Wewawitchka Tuesday the 12th. Those games are in limbo for now.