Local players get to chat with Olympic volleyball legend

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) Some local volleyball players were able to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity this week, getting to chat with an Olympic champion.

Local volleyball players chat with Olympic great Kerri Walsh Jennings via Zoom

Tuesday night several players affiliated with Bay United Elite and Coastal Crush Volleyball, able to take part in a Zoom meeting with Kerri Walsh Jennings, one of the greatest female beach volleyball players of all time, with three 3 Olympic gold medals on her resume.

"Right now she's doing this month to month video chat, or Zoom chat with local clubs." Erika Chateau, one of the Directors of Bay United Elite told me Wednesday."And our commissioner said hey if there's anyone that's interested in it, email this person and they'll connect you to it. And that essentially what happened. We put times that we were available, they scheduled us with another club and then sent us all the information to log on to Zoom. And we connected our players with our club to take this call."

"Every player, every volleyball player knows Kerri Walsh so it was a huge opportunity for the kids to talk with her." says Bruno Chateau, also one of Bay United's Directors. "It's like a dream. It's not simple things in general. You have the opportunity to talk to a big star in volleyball. So it's pretty awesome. The kids were pretty excited for this opportunity to talk to Kerri Walsh. And it was like a real conversation, you could ask questions and she would answer you like your friend. It was like talking with your friend. So it was crazy, and personally I was really impressed to have this conversation with her."

Jennings answering questions on being a good teammate, conditioning, motivation and dedication to the sport.

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