Seiffert set for another shot on PGA Tour

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - If you watched the Travelers Championship last week in Connecticut, you may have seen a familiar face and heard an unfamiliar name...


Tying for ninth on the PGA Tour is enough to earn $189,000, but not enough to earn Chase Seiffert (pronounced SY-fert) name recognition yet.

"I think one of my buddies even tweeted CBS and tagged me in it trying to get them to pronounce it correctly. It's kind of funny," Seiffert said during an on course workout at Camp Creek.

Those broadcasters have a chance to make amends this weekend. Seiffert's top 10 automatically qualifies him for "A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier" starting Thursday.

"The goals again this time are a top 10 and try to accumulate as many FedEx Cup points as possible because I have a chance to get into the Tour at the end of the year."

The Tour is the PGA's developmental tour. The path towards full time exemption there runs through these tournaments, if Seiffert can accrue enough FedEx Cup points to play in the Tour Finals.

"I just need to finish inside the top 200. I kind of have a rough idea of what the points breakdown is going to be, and if that's true then I need maybe 10, 15 more points in the next five, six weeks."

Simply making the cut might be enough to do just that.

He's confident in his game right now.

"Mainly it goes where I want it to."

After the Travelers Championship, Chase's professional peers seem confident in him.

"A couple guys passing shoulders there in the locker room said nice playing. I got a text from my old roommate Daniel Berger. He said nice playing as well. It's nice that they kind of paid attention."

That's all in the past. Now it's time for Seiffert to seize the future

"In some ways it's satisfying and I've earned a little respect. In the end, I just want to control what I can control and go out there and just try to play my best."

And perhaps, make a name for himself!