Mosley recruit lands UF offer, his coach believes that's just the beginning

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJG/WECP) There's some good news on the high school football recruiting front these days, and the efects of the pandemic may be part of the impetus for that.

Mosley head coach Jeremy Brown suspended one game. (WJHG/WECP)

It all starts with Mosley offensive lineman Adrien Strickland getting, and committing to an offer from the University of Florida, 6-7, and well over 300 pounds, he obviously has a D1 type body. And his coach says the talent to match!

Mosley head coach Jeremy Brown telling me Adrien's tape drawing a lot of attention lately, and the coach believes the effects of the pandemic one of the reasons why!

"The reality is here in Panama City we haven't had a large group of Division One caliber guys over the last ten or fifteen years. So we don't get a ton of traffic (in terms of college recruiters) And I think what the pandemic did, is when we sent out the film, a lot of schools that normally would not have taken the time to watch the film, actually watched it. And realized how good of a player he was. And I think not just Adrien, I think all of our kids at Mosley that have picked up offers the last couple of weeks, have benefited from the coaches being in the office, and kind of being bored, like the rest of us, and they're just spending more time watching film."

Coach says 6 of his guys have racked up D1 offers at this point. And that doesn't seem like a coincidence, not in coach Brown's eyes.

"You know more schools, they see that, you know it's funny the recruiting process, sometimes it takes a guy getting a Florida, an Alabama, an Auburn, SEC, Power 5, a Florida State offer. And then other coaches start coming through and saying man they have one or two guys with a Florida offer, now you're FAU's your FIU"s your East Carolina, your Marshall's say well they had a guy that went to Florida, they may have some other good players."

And that kind of exposure just mushrooms out, and benefits teammates and other kids in the same area, says coach Brown!

"And when we send out film, even with Adrien, the coaches start saying 'coach is that the kid with the Florida offer?' And we say 'yeah coach he's the one with the Florida offer.' They're gonna be a little more apt to watch the film on some of our younger guys. And that's what I think has happened the last couple of weeks. So I think it will benefit all the kids, not just in our program. But I think it will benefit the kids in Bay County, because a lot of coaches, even though Adrien's committed, they're still gonna come in and keep trying to recruit him."

Here's hoping we'll be able to watch these Mosley players, and all in our area, as we're used to come Friday nights starting in late August!

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