Mosley set for second tough road trip in 3 weeks

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJGH/WECP) For the Mosley Dolphins, week three of the football season brings another tough road trip.

Mosley wraps up week one of fall practice Friday

Coach Jeremy Brown andhis guys will load up the bus Friday for Crawfordville. That's where they will take the field against Wakulla.

Wakulla is 2-0 with wins over Eufala and FAMU.
The Dolphins with a loss at Niceville, then a home win over Bay, go east at 1-1. Certainly scheduling two tough road games in the first three weeks not an accident for coach Brown, who says he wants his team pressure tested early and often.

"Go to Niceville, get a gauge, you know sometimes you play those really good teams you get, you realize more when you lose than maybe when you win, you don't look past things. You don't look over things, you're a little bit more thorough with your assesment of the game. Bay High came at the right time to get some confidence on offense. I thought our kids executed really well. You know we get to see if we can be consistent. We get to go to a another quality opponent on the road, Wakulla, they've been in the playoffs the last three or four years, probably longer than that."

Coach Brown says his offense couldn't get untracked in week one, it did so in this week two win. Now it's time for consistency and the chance to really boost his team's confidence level heading into district play next week.

"It's a win we'd definitely like to get, you know what I mean. More importantly we'd like our kids to play well. We want to see some improvements in some of the areas that we've been really preaching to get better in. But I think getting a win going into district play next week would be huge for our confidence. And I think just winning a game over a team like Wakulla, coach Klees does a phenomenal job there, his whole staff there. Traditionally they're one of the best teams in the Big Bend every year."

And another apsect of scheduling a tough road game like this early on, it can help in a big way given the way the FHSAA determines playoff teams these days.

"If we don't win but we go there and play well, I think there's still a lot of things we can gain from that. As opposed to front-loading the schedule with maybe some teams that we know that whether we play well or don't play well, we're gonna win. And especially with this new points system we kind of have to be strategic. You know you want to play teams that are quality opponents, but you've gotta play teams, the way the system's set up now, you've gotta play teams that you really feel are gonna win 7 or 8 games."

That game set for 7:30 eastern, it's one of several we'll feature on Friday Night Overtime.

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