Sherman Invitational forced to be pushed back to the fall

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJHG/WECP) Once again the early May dates for the longest running amateur golf tournament around won't work, and the longest running amateur golf tourney in the southeast, the Sherman Inviational at the Panama Country Club, is having to be pushed back.

Panama Country Club moving forward with plans for the Sherman Invitational

This event, more than nine decades old now, set to begin Friday in fact. However the folks who run the tournament coming to the decision to postpone for now, from this weekend, to an as of yet undetermined weekend, perhaps early in the fall.

Friday I spoke about all that with PCC and tournament Board member Charlie Commander.

"Well originally we were going to go back to the original date." Charlie told me "Last year we delayed the Sherman because of the hurricane. So we had it in November. So we were really excited to have it at it's normal date which is the first weekend in May. And once the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in, the Board met and came to the decision that, yes you can play golf now, but it's really hard with a big tournament like the Sherman, to keep people from gathering so we decided to delay it."

And again this tournament has longevity, 90 plus years and counting, and everyone involved wants to keep the streak going. Charlie alluding to them making due in the wake of the storm and the damage to their course. And they aren't about to let this pandemic put a stop to things either.

"And so really important that we got the tournament in in 2019 because of the hurricane." Commander says. "And we really want to keep that going. It's important to keep that status for the tournament. So we're gonna hopefully move on to a tournament date in September. It's going to be the goal right now. We don't have an exact date. We're gonna look at the college football schedule and make sure we're not making too many Gators, Seminoles or others angry. But right now the goal is September, the month of September for the 92nd Sherman.

Charlie says the invitations were sent out several weeks ago, and the numbers were looking very good. He adds he doesn't think postponing to September will hurt that.

"We think our numbers are going to be back up to before the hurricane numbers, for the tournament, for the field. And probably going to have the limit the field some for this year actually. So I think we'll still have a great turnout for September. The course is going to be even better by that date. So we're looking forward to it, we think we'll have a really good turnout. And of course with the Sherman, one of the really cool things about it is it's one of the few amateur tournaments that has an actual gallery on Sunday. So that would actually go into that decision about postponing a little bit."

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