Two more Seniors have their say, the Malone Five and Andrew Aker

MALONE/LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJHG/WECP) Our next two Senior Sports Spotlights shine on a group from Malone, and a lifter at Mosley.

Innovations Federal Credit Union Senior Sports Spotlight

First to the "team effort" from Malone.

One of the parents telling us they probably wouldn't have sent this on their own, so she's pitching in...telling us these five players, from left to right here, Jarrod Southwell, Dylan Padgett Jaret Weber Trent Martin and Jacob Dunaway, starting playing together when they were 4 and 5 years old, as this picture from 2006 shows us.

This was their senior season at Malone, sadly cut short. That parent writes they "played for the joy of the game, but more importantly the friendships, the Malone Tiger baseball family exists as a result. The celebrations of wins, home runs, great pitches, catches, hits, double or triple plays! The sorrow over injuries! All-star games. The trip to state games when playing machine pitch in 2010. District games. So many memories in between these two pictures!"

A baseball mother can't say it any better.

Now On to one of Mosley's "strongmen"!

Senior Andrew Aker among those seeing a good chance to advance to, and medal at State this spring. Andrew telling me "I loved weightlifting because of the competition it brought about amongst myself and my peers. I miss the competitions and being able to lift with my friends and against others."

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