Two more seniors, Colton Mercer and Shelby Grunst have their say!

SNEADS/SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) Two more senior ballplayers are having their say about losing out on a big chunk of their senior seasons.

Innovations Federal Credit Union Senior Sports Spotlight

First we hear from Sneads senior pitcher Colton Mercer.

"Baseball is pretty much everything to me. I love it, I love competing with my buddies. I started playing when I was 6, figured out how to pitch when I was 9. And I loved that and I'm moving on to the next level. And although I am it really does suck not to get the finish the season with your best friends. Last year we had a really good run to State, had the state champs up 2-0, but it didn't work out. The very next day we were talking about how we wanted to get back. It's terrible that we didn't get that opportunity to get get 'em. But even though I'm moving on, like I said, you want that opportunity to play with your best friends and have the opportunity to win a state championship."

Fortunately for Colton, the baseball goes on. He is headed to Florida State on a baseball scholarship.

Next up is South Walton softball senior Shelby Grunst.

Shelby writes to me "I love going out on the field and seeing my friends that became family over the years! Softball is my life-line no matter how my day is going it all doesn't matter when I step onto that field it's all going away and I have the time of my life playing the game I love."

She adds "What I'm going to miss about softball is the games and the bus rides! How intense it is when you are one score down with one inning left in the game or when you go up to bat and the rush that comes over when you hit the ball and most importantly i'm going to miss all of the friendships I've made over these past four years."

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