Two more seniors have their say, Alex Kilpatrick and Javon Pride

SANTA ROSA BEACH, BLOUNTSTOWN, FL (WJHG/WECP) On to the next in our Senior Spotlights, today we hear from South Walton track senior Alex Kilpatrick who competes in the 110m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, and Shot Put.

Innovations Federal Credit Union Senior Sports Spotlight

He writes to me "My favorite part about Track is the ability to compete for oneself and still benefit an entire team. I think that is something rare and unique that cant be found in many other sports."

He goes on to write "I miss all the struggles all athletes know are no fun in the moment, but make for the best memories. Things like waking up at 4 am for a bus ride to a meet or simply working hard with my teammates.

Something I will miss the most is representing South Walton and all the hard work Coach Parker puts in to help us succeed against all the odds. Although my time at South Walton is over, I am blessed to be able to have more opportunities to represent South Walton and what Coach Parker has instilled in me not only as an athlete, but as a person as well during my next 4 years at Duke."

Following Alex is Blountstown baseball's Javon Pride.

That's him on the far left, number four. He tells it was his first season with the Tigers but he's been playing with many of his teammates since he was able to pick up a bat.

Javon writes "I fell in love with baseball at age 3 to be. It was the first sport I was old enough to play and since then it's been baseball, baseball, baseball. I started playing travel ball when I was 5 and it allowed me to travel a lot of places and meet some amazing people. I miss playing baseball because it was a sanctuary to where I could get away from all of life's problems and just have fun with my boys. It gave me a sense of sanity to relieve stress from school and home."

Fortunately Javon's baseball days aren't over, he's heading to Webber University on a football scholarship where he will also will be able to play baseball too while getting his education!

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